How I manifested my dream apartment

How I manifested my dream apartment 

Before I get into how I manifested my dream apartment, I want to first share with you my journey to getting here. 

After falling pregnant with my daughter, it was clearly time to move out of my family home, as there was not enough space for 2 adults and 2 teenagers. My daughter's other parent supported me at this time by helping me move out and paying my rent for around 2 years (something I’ll never let a man do again), but that’s a story for another day. Fast forward to late 2021 our co-parenting relationship broke down massively and he took everything from me, that was once put in place to support and create a space of security and ease for our daughter. I always knew this arrangement was never permanent, but never thought it would be taken away in such a negative manner, especially considering the fact we shared a child. 

At this time, I was lost, confused, stressed, overwhelmed and unsure of how I was going to provide another space for my daughter that would be of the standard she was used to. For months I searched for a new home but had no luck as there was 1 important factor that needed to change; me and my mindset.

I first went into my property search not understanding how it works, but also not believing it was something I was capable of achieving on my own. So with that being said, here are a few things I did that helped me MANIFEST my dream apartment. 

Limiting Beliefs

I first had to understand what my thought process was around renting a property on my own and that’s when I realised it was something I never thought I was capable of achieving as a single mother. I didn’t believe I could rent a property on my own because of things I saw growing up and the stories society tells us about single mothers. I had convinced myself renting a property in London was only possible if you were in a couple, or were rich. This was of course false. Alongside this mindset, I was also under the impression I needed a guarantor due to my income coming from a range of different sources, which doesn't usually meet a landlords criteria, so I had to begin to believe I could find (or attract) a landlord that was easier going and willing to accept me without one. After months of searching, and telling landlords and estate agents my story I finally overcame my limiting belief by convincing myself there had to be at least 1 good apple amongst all the bad ones and low and behold I was right. 

first time i viewed the apartment

Vision Board

I created a vision board that was specific to the goal I wanted to achieve.. getting an apartment. I didn’t want to use a generic vision board, as I didn’t want all of the other goals I wanted to eventually achieve to overshadow the most important goal to me at this particular time. 

I included on this vision board everything relating to my dream apartment. This was how I planned to decorate it, how I wanted to feel once in it, the layout, the location, and even how I wanted my neighbours to be. I was so specific that I went as far as to mention the colour of the doors and skirting boards. Once done I used this vision board as my lock screen as a constant reminder of what I was manifesting. 

Letting go of any resistance

For me, this meant letting go and letting God. When you believe something is for you, at some point you have to just let go and let God handle it, and that’s exactly what I did. After my work was done; setting the intention, creating the vision board, journalling, finding the right landlord and submitting my required documents, at that point, it was out of my hands and in God's. I trusted him to handle it for me and he showed up right on time. When you believe something is for you, you don’t wake up every day worrying about if it’s going to work out, because you believe it already has. 

Fully commit to the manifestation

I like to prove to myself I fully believe something is for me by committing to it. I did this by furniture shopping before even receiving an APPROVAL from the landlord. My thought process was, if I don’t go ahead and buy this sofa (a sofa was the first bit of furniture I bought) then subconsciously I don’t believe this apartment is for me and ultimately the manifestation won’t work out. So I started furniture shopping like crazy. I had nowhere to live, but I had furniture, and they were all ready and waiting for me in my storage unit because my manifestation had no choice but to work out. 

the day i purchased my sofa

The Making Moves Journal 

Lastly (really firstly, just last in this blog post) I journaled my life away. I used The Making Moves Journal to support me in all of the above as there was a section where I could explore and work on my limiting beliefs, I created my vision board, both a digital and a physical one and wrote a letter to my future self, talking about in detail life in this new apartment, and once done I let it go.

The great thing about this journal was I was also able to use the goal-setting section to help me identify what my actual goal was and the necessary steps it took to get me there. I believe wholeheartedly things started to change once I incorporated this journal into my life. It fully guided me through the whole process, kept me focused on my intentions and pushed me to not give up. 


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