Keys to a successful Morning Routine

A morning routine is something I'm passionate about because what I do with this time sets the tone for my day, which sets the tone for my life. I like to be very intentional during this time because it gets me in the right mood to carry out the tasks that are going to have the greatest impact on my life. Without a solid morning routine, I feel as though it is very easy to fall into a trap where you are not being as productive and it can stop you from showing up as the best version of yourself. 

Like a lot of other people, my day starts in the morning, however, this may not be the case for you. You may work nights and sleep in the morning. You may have a newborn that keeps you up all night, so your morning routine may start in the afternoon, and that's okay! When we talk about morning routines, this doesn't always mean waking up at 5am and shooting a sour AF Ginger shot. What we're referring to is the start of YOUR day and YOUR routine, which doesn't necessarily have to be as early as 5am, but should be at a reasonable time and purpose-filled. 

Waking Up 

For me waking up early always gets me in the mood to have a productive day. Considering what I do for work and my daughter's routine, waking up early is necessary for me. Staying in bed past 8am causes me to feel sluggish, lazy and not my best self. So I always try my best to wake up as early as possible and once I'm up, I'm up. This means no laying in bed for an extra few minutes to scroll social media and daydream about my day. I'm very intentional about the time I wake up. I don't usually set an alarm because I'm naturally a morning person. However, for those of you who may struggle, set your alarm for a time that makes sense to you. Don't force it and set your alarm to 4:30am because someone on youtube told you that's what billionaires do. I promise you, you'll just end up pressing snooze a good 10 times. Set your alarm for something realistic and manageable and tell yourself when it goes off, you'll get up instantly.

Set the scene

Have everything ready and waiting for you the night before. It's easier to complete a habit once you know it doesn't require any extra effort. If you want to add drinking water to your list first thing in the morning, put a pitcher right by your bed from the night before. If you want to read in the morning, select the book from the night before and have it waiting for you on your dressing table. If you want to go to the gym first thing in the morning, have your gym clothes ready and waiting for you and make sure your gym bag is packed. It's easier to get things done when you know it isn't going to require any extra effort to do them.


Understanding why you're doing something and why you want it is key to ensuring you continue doing it, even when it feels hard. What's motivating you to have a solid morning routine and what's going to keep you going even when you're feeling a little lazy and tired one morning?

Key Habits

Here are some positive habits that you can incorporate into your morning routine.

  • Journal - Journalling can support you with a wide variety of things in your life. It gives you the time to sit down with your emotions, so you can understand what you're feeling. It also allows you to spend time focusing on what you're grateful for in life and what you would like to achieve in the future. Check out our Guided Journals to make the process easier.

  • Pray - Spend time with God as prayer is another form of manifestation. Use this time to give thanks and make your dreams known to God. 
  • Meditate - Time to be still and present. Use this time to focus on your breathing and quieten the voices in your head. Thoughts may still arise and this is where you acknowledge them and let them pass. 
  • Breakfast - Fuel to charge you for the day. Try and have a breakfast that has a low sugar count so that you do not experience any crashes and moments of tiredness in your day.  Having avocados, eggs and rye bread is a great choice. 
  • Make your bed - Do this first thing to build momentum and create a tidy space.
  • Drink water - Stay hydrated for better attention, alertness and focus. 
  • Exercise - Release endorphins to put you in a better uplifted mood.
  • Skincare - Look refreshed and promote healthy skin. Will also wake you up and make you feel refreshed.
  • Listen to an inspiring word/podcast - Increase your motivation, knowledge and drive.
  • Read a book - learn something new to keep your brain active, informed and inspired.
  • Plan your day - Planning your day increases your chances of completing your to-do list and promotes a more organised life. 

My Morning Routine 

5:30am - Hello World! I'm grateful to see another day. I immediately make my bed and head to the bathroom to freshen up. 

5:45am - I read my bible and pray to God. I give thanks and declare what I want from my day. The Bible I use to study 

6:00am - Journal: I use this time to reflect on my manifestations and regulate my emotions.

6:15am - Affirmations/Positive self-talk. I spend some time looking in the mirror, hyping myself up and reminding myself of how great and capable I am. 

6:30am - First breakfast (always something light like a small bowl of oats)

7:00am to 8:00am - BLOCKED OUT FOR MY DAUGHTER 

8:10am - Gym!! Time to reach my fitness goals... I really go to the gym for my mental health as it keeps me positive and motivated. 

9:10am - Get ready for my day. I aim to wear something comfortable and present, even if it's to work from home.  

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