The First Chapter

Women Making Moves was created as a space to inspire and motivate women on their growth journey. We aim to encourage women through our storytelling and products. As our brand grows, we plan on adding more chapters. For now, join us in our start-up phase and watch us evolve together.

Hi, I'm Delicia London.

I have always been passionate about personal development and wellness and spend the majority of my time figuring out how I can become the best version of myself. Along the way, I realised the journey to success can feel a little lonely. That's why I created Women Making Moves. I wanted to create a space to connect women across the globe. I wanted to share the success stories of those who have made it and exactly what it took them to get there. This is just the beginning and I promise I have a lot in store for you, so I hope you're ready. Ready to truly level up and get yourself to exactly where you belong.

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