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The Making Moves Journal

The Making Moves Journal

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Spend the next 90 days levelling up your life with our 'The Making Moves journal'. We created this journal to help you reframe your mindset for success. What we mean by this is we have compiled a variety of techniques that will help you improve your self-belief so that you can start to achieve your goals. It's packed with content based on goal setting, manifestation, self-reflection, positive affirmations, gratitude, organisation and more. Everything has been created with you in mind, as we know you're ready to grow and evolve.
Inside there is 13 weeks' worth of goal-setting pages, as we believe you'll get more done in 3 months, as you're not distracted by the whole year. Focus on your highest-value goals and watch your life transform.

What's inside?

  • A message from our founder¬†
  • Getting Started
  • Brain Dump¬†
  • Vision Board
  • Visualise you as your highest self¬†
  • My vision¬†
  • Letter to future self
  • Limiting beliefs¬†
  • Removing Limiting beliefs
  • Creating New Beliefs¬†
  • Letter of forgiveness¬†
  • Dump your excuses¬†
  • Positive Affirmations¬†
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Morning Routine¬†
  • Night Routine¬†
  • My Ideal Day¬†
  • Commitment To Self
  • How to set goals¬†
  • Top 10 Goals¬†
  • 13 Week Goals¬†
  • Action Steps¬†
  • End of week review¬†
  • End of 13 week check in¬†
  • 90 Daily Planner pages
  • Journal pages

Product Details 

A5 in Size

200 pages

Premium 100gsm Paper

Pink and Gold Hardcover 

Gold ringbinder

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